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Belus 9

by Patrick Waters

Dir. Lucy Murphy

Lighting Designer: Bishop Sforza

An original work as part of Carnegie Mellon University's Playground XVV\

A Pack of billionaires have gathered for a dinner party on Belus 9, a luxury space station orbiting a disintegrating Earth on its last legs. They’ve even invited Levina Dolores, a factory laborer who has won a raffle to be in the company of these titans of industry. While Levina has only been invited to stay the night, the billionaires are being introduced to their new permanent home- away from the effects of global warming and the destruction left by their own greed, they plan to float among the cosmos and peacefully wait out the coming apocalypse, that is, until Levina has something to do with it. 

My work on the show

Lighting Designer

Working with a repertory style rig, Bishop was able to highlight the actors and create motifs to enhance the storytelling of this production.

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