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by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Dir. Kyle Hayden

Lighting Designer: Hannah Kerman

Assistant Lighting Designer: Bishop Sforza

“Everybody,” is Jacobs-Jenkins' adaptation of the 15th century morality play, “Everyman,” and follows an archetypal person as they wrestle with Death who has recently called upon them to, well, die. The lottery, we are told by an overly helpful Usher, is meant to more closely thematize the randomness of death.

Due to Covid-19, this production was transferred to an online medium which allowed the design team to think outside the box and combine traditional theatrical elements, live green screen usage within actors' homes, pre-recorded segments, shadow puppet work, and other elements to create a unique final production.

My work on the show

Assistant Lighting Designer

As the assistant lighting designer, Bishop tracked all of the levels used for each actor and character throughout the live portions of the production, was a puppet operator, and was an extra set of eyes, hands, and body during the in-person recorded elements of the production.

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