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A Hit Dog Will Holler

by Inda Craig-Galván

Dir. Joshua-Christian Wyatt

Lighting Designer: Jessica Winward

Lighting Manager: Bishop Sforza

When racism and oppression manifest in a scary, physical form, a social media influencer and a boots-on-the-ground activist form a complex bond of friendship to help each other survive. The play, first drafted in workshop with the Humanitas Play L.A. Prize, explores the effects of a never-ending barrage of trauma on the women who are continually looked at to lead a movement of resistance and change. What happens when there's no more outside space for the growing monster that is American racism?

My work on the show

Lighting Manager

As the lighting manager on this production, Bishop worked with the designer to implement all lighting aspects. Through the assembly of LED practicals, installation of all lighting devices, and maintenance during the run, Bishop made the designer's vision come to life. 

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