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The Kennedy Plays

by Adrienne Kennedy

Dir. Peter Anderson

Lighting Designer: Xotchil Musser

Assistant Lighting Designer: Bishop Sforza and Eva Hu

3 plays by Adrienne Kennedy combined into one performance to highlight her work as a playwright. 

- He Brought Her Heart Back In A Box

- Sun

- A Movie Star Has To Star In Black And White

These 3 plays are from various points in Kennedy's career highlight her growth as a writer, her struggles as a black woman growing up and living in America, and the overall issues with racism within this country. 

My work on the show

Assistant Lighting Designer

As assistant lighting designer, Bishop helped update all paperwork during the rehearsal runs of the production, they created a magic sheet for the designer to use, they assisted with the focusing of all the lights, and they were an extra set of hands and eyes for the designer throughout the process. 

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